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Get your fins on some shark swag!

We hope you are as excited for Sharks for Arms as we are. There’s still some work to be done before the game is finished though. We could use all the help we can get so you can play the game much sooner. If you’d like to lend a helping hand (or fin) we have several options available. We are offering a variety of 3D printed character models from the game, a lovely art book, an awesome SFA comic, and SFA t-shirts (pre-order) in three colors choices. By purchasing and pre-ordering these items you are supporting us and getting some truly unique items in return.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: T-shirts must be ordered in higher quantities in order to keep prices down. Once we reach enough pre-orders, you will receive notification and we will have the shirts printed! If we end up not getting enough pre-orders for a specific color, we will offer you another choice or refund your money.

Would you like to support us but don’t care for any of the items we are offering? We have a “Donate” button at the bottom of the page if you’d like to toss us a few bucks. We appreciate your kindness and support from the bottom of our hearts!

3D Printed Character Models

Our 3D printed character models are made from full color sandstone and look amazing. You can see our test print we did in this video. The large Sharkmech also comes in different colored steel that you can choose from.

SFA Hero Boy

SFA Hero Girl

Sharkmech (Normal Size)

Sharkmech (Large)

Hammerhead SharkDog

Shield Turtle

Sharks for Arms T-Shirts

We have them in three colors: blue, gray and black.

Pre-orders coming soon!

Sharks for Arms Art Book

Designed to look like the doctor’s lab notebook, it’s full of interesting art from the game.

Coming soon!

Sharks for Arms Comic

A comic based off the SFA story created by Cordelia Shemo Wolf and Jennifer Gomez. Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Donation to Sharks for Arms

Prefer to just donate money instead of buying items? Click that donate button below. We can’t thank you enough for your support!