Sharks for Cards

Have one of our Shark Cards and are not sure what to do with it? We will tell you how to use it!

Shark Cards

Sharks for Cards works by using a Shark Card that you have received or you can download one here! The Shark Cards have a big QR code on them that when scanned with our Sharks for Cards app will display four of our character models in augmented reality and a scene from the game in virtual reality. The app is available on Android and iOS which you can download from the buttons below.

How to use your Shark Cards

  • Download and install the Sharks for Cards app for your mobile device via the buttons above.
  • Run the Sharks for Cards app.
  • Scan the QR code on your Shark Card by simply aiming the camera toward the QR code.
  • View the augmented reality/virtual reality awesome-ness!
  • In augmented reality if you tap the screen the character models will switch to the next one.
  • In virtual reality if you tap the screen it will switch between single and double screens (double is for the 3D effect).