About the Game

A running/jumping/chomping/shark-shooting adventure with 13 action-packed, puzzle-loaded, mutant-fighting levels!


Sharks for what?

Sharks for Arms is a story-based side-scroller with puzzles, platforming, and crazy boss fights in over a dozen action-packed levels. You’ll run through the jungle, swim through the sea, climb a mountain, explore a mad doctor’s mansion, and tussle with his insane animal hybrids! The game features a D-pad-style control scheme, like a classic NES controller, with buttons to active your bites and special shark-powered abilities.

Sharks for Arms will be available on iOS (iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone), Android (tablet and phone), Mac, and PC.

Game Features

  • Melee and ranged attacks with your armed sharks (sharked arms?)! Chomp those up-close baddies with sharp teeth, or launch your special-ability projectiles at distant foes.
  • Full story! Your story will unravel across unique levels and environments, from the micro to the macro.
  • Thought-provoking puzzles and exciting battles keep you on your toes.
  • Mutant bosses wait for you at the end of every level!
  • Loot! This game is full of awesome loot that changes your abilities and your appearance!

Special Abilities

Here are a handful (a mouthful) of the abilities you can unlock in the game – and with your help, we’ll unlock more.

The Story

Amidst the crash and fury of a tropical cyclone, you wake in a laboratory’s bed. Through the observation glass, you see animal hybrids that should not be: shark-dogs, apes with tentacles for legs, and more! As you peel back the bedsheets to escape this house of horrors, you realize: you’re one of the horrors now. You have… SHARKS FOR ARMS!

Where are you? How did this happen? How and why did you end up as part of some crazy experiment? Who created the creatures around you?

The Characters

The main character of the game is you. You with your new arms. You can play as a male or female, though you’ll find it harder to choose a gender for your sharks.

The Mysterious Doctor and the Nurse

You’ve seen the mysterious masked doctor before, and you think he might be responsible for your troubles. The nurse with the shark tattoo wants to help you escape – but is he hiding something from you? Who are these people, and what do they want?

Mutants and Enemies

We’ve got a zoo full of crazy creatures for you in Sharks for Arms. You’re not the only experiment here. Shark-dogs, apetopuses (apetopi?), genetically modified bees, and more swarm the grounds now that they’ve broken free of their cages.

But that’s not all: the security force for this tropical island is primarily mechanical. That’s right: shark robots and other mechanical monstrosities patrol the grounds to keep the creaures in check.

Unfortunately for you, you’re likely one of the creatures they want to round up.

You can check out the Media page to see more mutant critters and mechs.

The Environments/Levels

Want to explore? Great! You’ll be trudging across sand on the beaches, climbing the jungle treetops, sneaking through creepy laboratories,  swimming the vast ocean, and… well, we don’t want to spoil any surprises. You’ll have to support the Kickstarter to see more!